Other Services

Job Interview Preparation

University and college degrees create opportunities for work abroad.  EnglishThatWorks will help you prepare for your next English job interview. 

Telephone & Video interviews are growing in popularity. We offer Skype English Lessons to help you master these interviews.

English Exam preparation

We offer courses to prepare you for all the common English exams.

  • Cambridge Certificates
  • Cambridge Business English Certificates
  • Toefl Exams

English text preparation

Are you writing a song or preparing a biography in English, we can certainly help you along the way.

CV/Resume preparation

We can help you prepare a top notch CV for your big step into the international job market.

The interview is an extremely important part of the application process. Focused language courses are also available specifically for the interview process.

English Thesis Corrections

Is it time to submit your thesis to finally bring all those years of studying to a close, if so, we can help. Our prices are affordable and our work is outstanding.

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