The Method

The Language

English is the language of business. Therefore, at each business English seminar the focus is on the English language as it revolves around the business world. From the quintessential small talk and cultural encounters to in depth meeting and problem solving techniques, EnglishThatWorks covers the language necessary to get ahead in the international business world.

The Organisation

Mind Map of a typical three unit group lesson.

ETW Group Method Outline

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Mind Map of a typical two unit private lesson.

ETW Private Method Outline

The Material

Scripts are distributed via email or download prior to the course start.  This provides a well structured course and unique lessons.

Lesson Slides.001

Each English lesson begins with a short introduction, a recap of the last lesson and an agenda for the current lesson.

lesson outline.002

All our teaching material is from only the most up to date resources available. We constantly update our library with publications from such publisher as Cambridge and Oxford University Press as new and demanding material becomes available. Technical and industry specific material comes from a variety of sources. Make an appointment to learn more.

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The Media Technology

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By using projectors, flip charts, pin walls, white boards and every type of media available, the lessons are kept dynamic and interesting with the participants' goals always in sight.

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Social Forms

Each lesson consists of a mixture of individual work, group work, pair work and group discussions. In this way, every aspect of the language is practiced.

The language of meetings and negotiations is trained in small or larger through the use of case studies, real life agendas and numerous meeting scenarios.

Group size

The ideal group size for efficient language retention is six to eight participants. In this way each participant is able to speak as much as possible in each exercise.

Of course, sometimes larger groups are unavoidable. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to incorporate a variety of media and social forms into each lesson.

Smaller groups are an absolute hit. The fewer the participants the more intensive is the lesson.

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